MDVIP Membership

MDVIP is a model of primary care where personalization and wellness are always at the center of everything your physician does for you. MDVIP affiliated physicians, like Dr. Dillon, focus on preventive healthcare, not just the diagnosis and treatment of illness, although he does that too.

Dr. Dillon’s MDVIP affiliated practice is open to new patients, including those with Medicare and most commercial insurance. Dr. Dillon is happy to meet you in the office, free of charge, to answer your MDVIP membership related questions.

MDVIP Membership Advantages include:

  • An extensive wellness program with advanced screenings,
  • Physician counseling and a customized wellness plan,
  • Your own personal website, called MDVIP Connect, to conveniently access your health information, to easily communicate with Dr. Dillon and his staff, and help you make healthy lifestyle choices,
  • Same-day or next-day appointments that start on time,
  • Unhurried office visits that last as long as you need,
  • 24-hour physician availability by phone (Dr. Dillon gives you his cell phone number!),
  • Coordination of specialist care,
  • Arrangements to be treated by the closest MDVIP affiliated doctor when you are traveling and become ill, and
  • MDVIP Medical Centers of Excellence for second opinions and specialty care.